In filmmaking, some things are planned and expected to happen, others just occur. The latter are rarely mentioned in a budget - if you do a budget at all - but you'll see them being thanked for in the credits of a film.
Send me those credits. No names required, just the tasks, if you want.
What I'll do first: I'll pile everything up in one long list, so to make the many things visible that go into film.
Neither your name(s) or the film's title will be visible, just the tasks.
Then I'll sort them according to additional information I have. I'll then put this list in as many languages as possible on the web, in the hands of you and future filmmakers as a sort of to do-list ... or forget not to condsider-list. These are all the assets that we creative people invest in our movies. Eventually, by considering them in advance, we value and stop neglecting them.
Same for our own work and time and creativity. By valueing them, they become valuable. And so do our films.
Instead of "low budgets" that only value the importance of the cash you need to finish the film, we will end up having "good budgets" which consider the value of our time and creativity. Money will have a smaller share of the power over our creative products.

Thank you for your kind consideration!

Thank you!
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